Fabrics for the Future


Through out this semester I have been collecting examples of technological innovations in textile and building materials that have managed to truly capture my imagination about a radically different future.

Material that can be grown from bio cultures.

Susan Lee has developed ways of growing leather-like fabrics out of a bath of green tea using a bio-culture which knits itself into the leathery mass.


Materials that Bend and Change 

There is something very poetic about the thought of materials that respond to the heat an moisture in the air the way plants do. There could also be many practical applications for such material technologies which present the capacity to know this things about it’s environment and change accordingly.

Soluble Materials

While the practical applications of this may not yet be perfected…the technology evokes an interesting sense of poetry and opens up possibilities for performative or time based fashion pieces.

Self Repairing

At last the excuse for incessantly buying more and more is gone. Fabrics can row self repair. This technology opens up interesting questions about how values in fashion and material culture in general may shift if we were only to design fewer garments made to last lifetimes. It’s interesting to imagine how the world would be different if people were to own just one piece of everlasting clothing.

 Building from Mushrooms

Again this technology presents the romantic possibility of being able to grow the structures around us, not to mention a surprising use of an unexpected material sparks the imagination.


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